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материалы для утепления крыши
Thermal insulation materials based on mineral wool are used for insulation and sound insulation of premises. Such heaters have a low thermal conductivity coefficient, which guarantees the reliability of thermal protection. It is used for insulating roofs, partitions, facades, floors, pipelines, etc.
труба 2
Steel profile pipes are used for the manufacture of building structures of varying degrees of complexity: in the construction of houses, pavilions, warehouses, installation of fences, etc.
водосточная система
Why is it better to give preference to Docke rain water systems when choosing gutter systems:
1) High resistance to various damages, as well as climatic resistance;
2) Resistance to fading (discoloration);
3) Fast and easy installation. Each gutter system is supplied with detailed instructions;
4) The low price of drainage systems with Docke is another plus for choosing drainage systems of this particular TM.
планки для металлочерепицы 3
Bulat produces all main types of standard strips with lengths of 1250 and 2000 mm for the installation of profiled sheets and metal tiles.

It is also possible to manufacture slats according to individual customer drawings. The products are fully consistent in color and material with the main type of product (corrugated board or metal tile).
пленка для крыши
Roofing films for drainage systems have recently been of great importance. For example, such waterproofing under-roofing films as a hydro-barrier have gained great popularity, since their use will increase the service life of the roof by about 15-20 years.
Roof seals are an integral part of corrugated or metal roofing. Their main function is to protect the under-roof space from moisture, dust, insects. Depending on the purpose, the seals are divided into ridge and cornice. By configuration - into universal and profile.
Screws are used for fastening corrugated board and metal tiles to roofing and facade structures. Self-tapping screws are classified for working with metal or wood.
глаткий лист
The steel sheet has a wide range of applications. It is mainly used for the manufacture of additional elements, advertising structures: pillars, signboards, signs.


Our experts will help you to choose the components to for house or building. So that can extend durability of profiled sheets or metal tiles up to 35 years or more.

We remind you that Bulat provides the largest warranty in Ukraine for profiled sheets and metal tiles!

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