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Why is it better to give preference to Docke gutters when choosing gutter systems:

1) High resistance to various damages, as well as climatic resistance;

2) Resistance to fading (discoloration);

3) Fast and easy installation. Each gutter system is supplied with detailed instructions;

4) The low price of drainage systems with Docke is another plus for choosing drainage systems of this particular TM.

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Rain water system is one of the main elements of the roof of the roof of any house. The roof drainage system is able to ensure the drainage of rainwater or melted snow from the roof. It allows you to protect the foundation, walls and cornice from destruction, on which the most precipitation falls. However, the quality of the installation of the drainage system affects the efficiency of the drain. Read about the main features of the installation and operation of the Docke rain water system below.

Kinds of rain water systems.

vodostok1Rain water systems can be made of various materials such as plastic (PVC) and metal - steel or copper. The choice of material, depending on climatic conditions and personal preferences, should be combined in color with the material for the roof. There are several options for the shape of the gutters - round and rectangular.
The Docke gutter system is completed with a large number of different elements. The main element of the gutter system is the gutter, which is designed to collect water flowing down from the roof. This element is attached to special fasteners, which are called brackets and converge in a drain funnel.

Features of the installation of drainage systems.

Please note that before direct installation, you must take into account the basic parameters of the roof. So, for example, you can calculate the required number of elements of the drainage system based on the size of the roof, the existing slope features, as well as the amount of additional load on the roof.
Analysis of these factors will ensure the required efficiency and usability. Otherwise, there is no guarantee that the drain will not last long. It is possible to install the drainage system with your own hands, but for this you need to have certain skills, and not everyone is able to do thisvodostok3

Rain water systems are recommended to install so that they are located at a slight slope towards the funnel. This will help to slightly increase the drainage capacity. It is desirable that the slope is about 3 mm. for each running meter of the gutter. In this case, the edge of the roof itself should be located above the gutter at a distance equal to one third of the gutter diameter. The bottom edge of the downpipe should be spaced approximately 100 - 300 mm apart. from the container for draining water. You can find out the price of installation of the rain water systems on the website bulat.ua.

Docke rain water systems

Today, among all available rain water systems, Docke water systems have gained particular popularity. They are designed specifically to drain melt or rainwater from roofs, both ordinary residential buildings and large industrial buildings, etc.

The big advantage of Docke gutters is that they can act as a unique decorative element and therefore can perfectly fit into the existing design of a cottage or private house. Docke gutters are easy to install, very durable, and also perfectly fulfill their assigned functions.

Now these systems are presented by the manufacturer in two series: Standard and Lux. Possible shades: ice cream, pomegranate, and chocolate. The price of gutter systems depends on the color and on the specific series selected. The STANDARD series is often used in low-rise construction, if the roof has a small area. The diameter of the drain pipe in it is 85 mm, the size of the gutter is 120 mm.
The LUX series is used in buildings with a huge roof area. Its main difference from the STANDARD system is the best throughput. The diameter of the drain pipe in the LUX series is 100 mm, the gutter 140 mm.
In addition, to complete the roof, you will need not only the installation of a drainage system, but also the installation of special strips.
Deke standartvodostok6Deke Lux

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