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It is worth highlighting that roofing films for drainage systems have recently been of great importance. For example, such waterproofing under-roofing films as a hydro-barrier have gained great popularity, since their use will increase the service life of the roof by about 15-20 years.

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An important role in the organization of the roof has the use of roofing films. The most popular type of waterproofing under-roofing films - hydro-barrier - allows you to increase the service life of the roof by about 15-20 years.


Characteristics of roofing films.


Roofing films are an indispensable element in the organization of the roofing cake. The under-roofing film is capable of providing good airtightness of the structure, and also additionally serves to protect the under-roof space from dust, condensation and debris. In addition, the roofing films also have an anti-condensation and waterproofing function - they provide reliable protection against moisture and condensation.

The choice of roofing films.

In order to make the right choice of the type of roofing films you need, you need to consider the features of each of the existing materials that are used depending on the individual characteristics of the roof.


Perforated waterproofing films.

Perforated waterproofing films are suitable for all types of roofing materials. The vapor permeability of this type is slightly lower than that of thermal insulation, which is why two special ventilation gaps must be made during installation. You can buy this type of roofing films on the website bulat.ua.


Benefits of perforated waterproofing films.
  1. Affordable roofing film price.
  2. Profitability. Perforated film is the most economical (relative to membrane) version of the waterproofing device for insulated pitched roofs.


Choosing under-roofing anti-condensation and waterproofing films, it is necessary to take into account the property of water resistance. This parameter, as the name implies, is the ability of the membrane of the roofing films to protect the ingress of moisture from the outside, for example, snow, rain, etc.


Vapor barrier films


The next type of film is special vapor barrier films, which are most often used in houses with an insulated roof. It is used to isolate insulation from vapors that rise from the inside of a private house.

When installing the roofing film, it is necessary to take into account the fact that it is very important during installation to tightly perform exclusively all the joints of the vapor barrier. Otherwise, the streams of moist air from the house will be able to penetrate the roof, and therefore its properties are significantly deteriorated. Note that when choosing a vapor barrier film, special attention should be paid to such an important property as the vapor permeability of the material.

Anti-condensation films.


Roofing anti-condensation film is used in most cases with such types of roofs as folded roofing and metal tiles. Very often it is called that - roofing film for metal tiles.

A feature of the installation of an anti-condensation under-roof film from the official Bulat enterprise is that it is necessary to provide powerful ventilation of the existing space in the roof, especially in order to get rid of the presence of moisture. This is facilitated by the presence of a special fleecy side of the film, due to which moisture is absorbed.




Diffusion membranes


Such a roofing diffusion film is by no means used with building materials that have high thermal conductivity, such as euro-slate and metal tiles. The only exceptions to this rule are certain types of volumetric diffusion membranes.

Under-roofing membrane in the form of a diffusion membrane is best combined with various types of tiles. For example, it can be cement-sand, bituminous or composite shingles. This is due to the fact that the listed coatings have a lower thermal conductivity than the types of coatings we are accustomed to - corrugated slate and metal tiles. The big advantage of diffusion membranes is that they can be installed even on complex roofs.



Where can you buy roofing films?

It is best to purchase high-quality roofing and facade materials, including under-roofing films, from well-known companies that have extensive experience in the building materials market. On the bulat.ua website, you can not only buy drainage systems and under-roofing films, but also order a full range of low-cost roofing materials in your region.

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