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Profile Bulat® Т35

Roofing profiles Profile Bulat® Т35 bulat.ua
Application: arches, roof
Steel: Sweden (SSAB), Belgium, Germany, Slovakia, South Korea, others.
Coating: Z, AZ, ZM, Gloss, Matt, PT
Effective width: 1 080 mm
Effective width: up to 25 years
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Corrosion resistant
Service period over 40 years
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Price: 201 UAH
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Bulat® 35 is the best choice of roofing profiles. It has a trapezoidal profile with a height of 35 mm. Stiffening ribs on the bottom wave give the profile additional strength. Due to this geometry of the sheet Bulat® 35 is resistant to static and dynamic loads. Therefore, it is widely used for roofing and supporting structures

Profile Bulat®35 has good anti-corrosion properties, that's why we give such a long-term guarantee. At the same time, this kind of profiled sheet is equally used for the roof, and for partitions, fence


  • Sheet width
    1 120 mm
  • Effective width
    1 080 mm
  • Sheet length
    300 - 9 000 mm
  • Profile height
    35 mm
  • Metal thickness
    0,4 - 0,7 mm
  • Coating types
    Z, AZ, ZM, Gloss, Matt, PT

Profile Bulat® T35 advantages

  • Durable. Resistant to mechanical stress.
  • Multifunctional. It is used for roofing and bearing structures.
  • Resistant to environmental factors (UV rays, invironment, wind loads)
  • Easy to install. Doesn't require a lot of support elements.

We produce Bulat® T35 of steel with a thickness of 0.35 - 0.70 mm, with zinc and color polymer coating.

Покрытия профнастила

Оцинкованный профнастил

Профнастил оцинкованный
Покрытие цинк (Z)
Профилированный лист оцинкованный с алюминием
покрытие алюмоцинк (AZ)
Профлист оцинкованный с магнием
покрытие цинкомаг (ZM)

Полимерное покрытие

Профилированный лист с глянцевым покрытием
Глянцевый полиэстер (SP)
Профлист полиэстр
Матовый полиэстер (HDP)
Профнастил принтек
Принтек (PT)

The best price for profile Bulat® T35

We offer you Bulat profiled sheets at producer prices.
We produce it from steel made in Sweden (SSAB), Belgium, Germany, Slovakia, South Korea, others.
The price for professional sheet T35 depends on the characteristics of the metal and the volume of the order. To find out the retail price or to order an individual calculation of the cost of Bulat® T35 profile, contact the company manager. Attention! When ordering large volumes, the price will be significantly lower.

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